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CMC Dummies

CMC Dummies Blush & Dusty Rose - Size 1 (0-6months)

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Keep your little one soothed with CMC Dummies Blush & Dusty Rose! With its round air filled cherry shape teat, your baby will be comfortable and calm. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is content.

-round air filled cherry shape teat means that water won't flow in and out of the teat

-teat has been specifically formulated to be similar to a mother's nipple shape. 

Replace: every 4-6 weeks

Dummies come with a protective cap 

CMC Gold dummies are an Australia made and owned brand. We can ensure that the dummies have been designed to not only look aesthetically pleasing but they've been engineered to be safe, practical & cater for all ages.

CMC Gold dummies are 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free and have a 100% natural rubber teat, & have passed testing in accordance with AS 2432:2015 Australian standards.

Customer Reviews

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Lyndell Moffett
Great quality!

Fantastic dummies that my little one takes well a and great service from Sarah as always!